Park Rules

To provide you the best possible experience, you are required to observe our park safety rules and regulations.

  • Guests must comply with the safety regulations to be allowed to enjoy the rides.

  • Please follow all the height and weight restrictions. Keep your safety seatbelts, lap bars, and other restraints securely fastened at all times when inside a ride.

  • Fastened at all times when inside a ride.

  • Please keep your hands and feet inside the rides at all times. Children must be supervised by an adult or guardian at all times.

  • Guests with the following medical conditions are not allowed in any of the rides: Poor health, Heart Ailments and Pregnant / Expecting mothers.

  • Please note that smoking, food & beverage, carry-ons and loose articles are not permitted on the rides.

  • Guests are expected to observe the following: Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended. Show common courtesy to fellow park guests and park employees.

  • Please walk slowly. Do not run. Please do not sit or climb over fences.

  • Adventureland's management and staff are not responsible for the following: Lost or misplaced items as well as any liability that is a result of non-compliance with the rules and policies.

  • Skaters under 100 cm in height must always be accompanied on the rink by an adult.

  • Entry onto the skating rink is strictly with skates only unless you are accompanying a skating child. You will then need to wear the shoe protection provided.

  • All skaters must skate responsibly and always consider others whilst on the rink.

  • Adventureland will not be responsible for accidents or injuries on the rink.

  • Adventureland is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left unattended at the skating rink.

For any assistance, please feel free to approach any Adventureland staff member. Enjoy your time at Adventureland!


Where is Adventureland located?

Adventureland is located on Level 1 of Sahara Centre, Al Nahda interchange, Dubai-Sharjah road.

How do we play in Adventureland?

All our games and rides are equipped with an electronic game card known as ADVENTURECARD. You will need to load the card with credits to enjoy the facilities in Adventureland.            

Is the card rechargeable?

Yes, the Adventureland card is rechargeable and reusable. All credits and tickets on the card have at least six (6)-months validity from your last activity.                        

How much do the rides cost?

The ride prices range from AED 15 to AED 25

Do you have a height requirement for each ride?

Each of our rides have specific height restrictions. For your children's safety, kindly ensure to read the ride instructions before going on any ride.

Do you have a place where we can leave our child for a certain period of time?

We have a new big soft play facility with play areas for children of all ages. We also have a mezzanine play area for toddlers where parents can stay with their little ones for an unlimited time.

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