Skating and Games

Skating Rink

Don't miss the chance to have fun in our newly opened Skating and Games area - The Hub. The whole family can enjoy a variety of games and activities including Glice Skating on a premium synthetic ice rink, which gives you the sensation of skating on ice – just without the cold. Located on Level 1 Food Court in front of Adventureland.

Skating Rink Rules

  • Any skaters under 100cm in height, must be always accompanied on the rink by an adult.

  • Entry onto the rink is with skates only - UNLESS accompanying a skating child, where you will need to wear shoe protection provided.

  • All skaters must skate responsibly and always consider others whilst on the rink.

  • Adventureland will not be responsible for accidents or injuries on the rink.

  • Adventureland is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left unattended at the skating rink.

  • Please take care of all personal belongings

Skating rates

30 Minutes

*Pay additional AED 15 to extend for another 30-minutes

AED 20
Skating Aid
AED 10
Family Ticket

2 Adults and 2 Children (Children 12 years and under)

*Pay additional AED 50 to extend for another 30-minutes

AED 65
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